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Formulated for all heavier marine fuels under the ISO 8217 standard, including 0.5 percent sulfur fuels mandated for 2020, Newport HFO Treatment (NP-HFO) provides optimum fuel performance through enhanced thermal and physical stability. Treatment rate is one liter per 20 mt. of fuel.

Newport Diesel Stability & Lubricity Treatment

Newport Diesel & Lubricity Treatment (Newport-DSL) offers refinery grade strength for vastly improved diesel fuel performance in an affordable treatment rate of 1:4000 or one liter per 4 metric tons. 

Newport FOT MAX Dispersant/Stabilizer

NP-FOT MAX takes our classic NP-FOT and upgrades it with additional synthetic amines for
an even more powerful and economic solution to today’s modern marine fuel issues.

Newport XL Lubricity Treatment

Newport XL Lubricity Treatment (Newport-XL) is a refinery-concentrated, synthetic lubricity chemistry offering optimum protection against modern ultra-low sulfur (ULSD) diesel fuels.

Newport DL Lubricity Treatment

Newport DL Lubricity Treatment (Newport-DL) is an upgraded mono-acid based lubricity chemistry now proven safe and effective in long-term application.