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A new generation of innovative fuel treatment solutions with optimum performance for minimum investment.
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Newport Fuel Solutions

A new generation of innovative, refinery-grade fuel treatment solutions.
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21st Century Fuel Treatment Solutions

Manufacturing innovative, refinery-grade fuel treatment chemistries proven to prevent critical fuel failures while enhancing fuel performance.
Based on more than three decades of extensive research and field performance, Newport products are the culmination of ongoing adaptation to massive changes in refining and regulatory mandates.

From light distillates to blended heavy fuel oils, Newport chemistries provide, among other benefits:

  • Increased peak combustion pressure of 4-5 bars
  • Heavy fuel sludge reductions 35-to-55 percent
  • Thermal stability for engine and fuel systems deposit prevention
  • Greatly enhanced lubricity characteristics for low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD)
  • Greatly extended fuel storage life
  • Restoration of degraded fuels to refinery freshness
  • Remediation of chemically contaminated fuels

Newport engineers are available 24/7 to make your operation efficient, reliable and safe, providing maximum return for minimal investment. Call us today with your concerns, questions and requirements.


The evolution of commercial marine fuels in recent years demands quick adaptation and innovative chemistry to keep vessel propulsion systems reliable, safe and efficient.


Manufacturers of onshore emergency generator systems report that more than half the failures during critical emergency situations are the result of fuel that has degraded in storage.

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